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grateful Mind

GRATEFUL MIND ENTERPRISE (A Sole Proprietorship) organized mid of 2017. Owned and
operated by Ms. Pamela B. Dayawon, a Bachelor in Commercial Science Major in Business
Management Graduate, with over 17 years of professional experience in hospitality, bank, service
oriented, safety and various sales profession, is a newly established supplier specializing in Personal
Protective Equipment (PPE) and building materials. This trading business is duly registered with
the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).


  1. Safety Helmet

The most important gear that any construction should have is the safety hat or helmets as well our head’s value in our body. Safety hats must be hard to protect a worker’s head from injury due to falling objects, impact with hard and heavy objects, and also from electric shock on the working site.


  1. Safety Vest

Proper and safety vest should be worn by every construction worker in any place of the working site. This provides high visibility for every worker. This is usually made of bright, neon colored fabric so a construction worker may be visible to everyone. Another uses are the worker is protected from mesh, breakaway, and flame.


  1. Safety Gloves

Did you know that injuries such as lacerations and abrasions are common injuries in construction work? These are hand injuries in a construction worker’s causes by different construction tools. Every worker must wear a pair of safety and protective gloves to prevent from wire punctures, cut, and abrasions.


  1. Safety Shoes

Most of the places in a working site have a large risk of feet injury because of pointed and hard objects from working. To protect feet from these objects that causes cuts and other injuries, a construction worker must wear safety shoes to be able to work with quality.


  1. Goggles

As well as our brain, eyes are very important in our daily lives. For construction workers, they will not be able to see the quality of their work if their eyes are harmed from particulates, corrosive chemicals, wind blasts, radiation, and residues of falling objects. There are lots of safety glasses and goggles that are very stylish and modern to partner with safety equipment.


  1. Chains and Harness

Actually, falling in a working site is the number one cause of death of construction workers. Because of negligence and by not having safety and proper chains and harness, falling from high places leads to the death and fatality of a worker.


In fact, these chains and harness are also included in basic safety equipments that every construction should have. Providing safety chains and harness will prevent the construction workers from falling and accidents.


  1. Safety Earmuffs

The working site is definitely a loud and busy place with various sounds are produce by different working tools and machines. Be sure to ensure that your eardrums will not be harmed with safety earmuffs to protect them from hearing extreme noises produced by engines, drills, forging, and other machines.


  1. Safety Masks

Of COURSE, you must not forget those masks that will prevent you to inhale dangerous gases, fumes, mists, and dusts caused by different working tools and machines. These safety masks will prevent you from respiratory hazards.

These are just basic and common safety gears that every construction workers must have, but the thing is that each worker must be responsible to know for themselves to wear proper equipments to protect themselves from harm and accident.

Long-Term Partnerships

We are here beside you as a SENSE OF GRATITUDE!

Long-Term Partnerships

We are here beside you as a SENSE OF GRATITUDE!


Are you an Engineer? Construction worker? Building Personnel? Architect? Whoever you are we will always need safety no matter what happens! Why?


In an idiom, this quote means this “It is better to expend the time or effort to be cautious with one’s actions than to feel regretabout one’s carelessness later. It might be nothing, but you should take your car to the mechanic right away—better to be safe than sorry. was so nervous about oversleeping that I set three alarms. Better safe than sorry, you know?

Long-Term Partnerships

We are here beside you as a SENSE OF GRATITUDE!

Even if we are from Bicol, Grateful Mind stick to their commitment and did not fail us in times of our urgent requirement. Will refer them to other companies here in Bicol.

Peter Regalado
( Safety consultant / bicol region)

They are consistent when it comes to commitment and the quality of the products are admirable. Loyal Customer here.

Efren Valenzuela
Norzagay Bulacan - Safety Officer

Grateful that we’ve chosen GME as our PPE supplier. Very professional and very dependable.

Jesus Noblezada
Vulcan security agency

Very competitive price and fast service. Keep it up!

Dennis Dy

She has been a good supplier n

Ariel Delos Santos
Ramy Construction Corp.

She has been a good supplier and we are glad we chose her to supply our requirements. She is very fast and very reliable. Good job!

Ariel Delos Santos
( Ramy Construction Corp.

Even if we are far we were able to receive good service. till next time!

PIng Del Rosario